DENT-X Level 3 Medical Grade Face Masks

  • For Wholesale (bulk purchase) contact us. 
  • Level 3 Medical Grade Masks (50) are intended to be worn by health professionals and the public to provide High Performance Protection for the wearer, their family, and others around them against the transfer of fluids, microorganisms, and airborne particles.
  • The mask have a pleated 3-layer design. They are made with a soft lined, water resistant, non-woven material that is latex free and fiberglass free.
  • The adjustable nose piece and ear-loop design are designed for convenience and comfort.
  • Material is Polypropylene Non-woven Fabric.
  • Unlike cloth masks, they deflect droplets, not absorb them.
  • The masks smell fresh since they have NOT been in an extremely hot container for weeks crossing the Pacific Ocean.

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